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Friday, July 4, 2008



Students: Please use all resources available to answer the questions below about the college you have been assigned. Be creative and bring in pictures or any other extra information that you find about your college or university!

1. What is the name of the college or university?
2. Where is the campus located?
3. When was the college founded and by whom?
4. How many students currently attend this school?
5. Who is President of the college/university?
6. What is the average tuition cost per year?
7. Name 5 different types of degree programs that the offer.
8. What kinds of graduate degree programs do they offer?
9. What sports teams do they have?
10. What is the school mascot?
11. What fraternities and sororities do they have on campus?
12. Who are some famous people that graduated from there?
13. What types of scholarships do they offer?
14. What is the minimum GPA (grade point average) that you must have to be accepted?
15. What is the minimum ACT or SAT score that you must have to be accepted?
16. What is one thing that the school is famous for (ex. The band, the football team, etc.)?
17. What is the climate like in the area that the university is located?
18. What are the school colors?
19. What is the average class size at this university?
20. Name and describe one dormitory that the students live in.

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